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Leczenie kanałowe, endodoncja mikroskopowa


What is root canal treatment?

Otherwise known as endodontic treatment, it is often the only way to save a tooth. 

The purpose of root canal treatment is a thorough cleaning of channels, and then filling them tightly. To perform precise and effective endodontic treatments and to protect the patient's airways, our studio in Krakow uses the necessary isolation of the treated tooth with a cofferdam.

The entire root canal treatment is performed under local anesthesia. During the treatment, it is necessary to make at least 2 X-ray images. Both the anesthesia and the images are included in the price of the root canal treatment.

Tooth channels are cleaned using the best and latest equipment - endodontic counter-angle handpiece.

Dentists at our studio perform root canal treatments under a microscope. The microscope allows seeing and treating channels invisible to the naked eye. It brightens and enlarges the treatment area, which has a diameter of about 3x4 mm, and the openings of the channels are less than 1 mm.

We also accept patients redirected from other practices for specialist treatment under a microscope.

The price of canal treatment depends on the tooth and the number of channels, and also on whether the treatment is carried out for the first time or retried. It usually takes one or two visits approx. 1.5 h each. We avoid the so-called "poisoning" of the teeth. This reduces the number of visits and eliminates the risk of possible complications.

See that root canal treatment does not have to be painful!