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Some of us have beautiful, straight teeth. However, in some cases a certain tooth is atypically positioned. Sometimes the problem refers to several teeth or the entire arch. Incorrect occlusion is sometimes obviously visible, in other times it can remain unnoticed.  Such occlusions can be corrected not only in the case of children and youth, but also in adults. The dentist can treat this with removable retainer or fixed braces

Removable retainer is recommended for treatment of children between the age of 4 and 12, thus, prior to completion of exchange of milk teeth into permanent ones. It is recommended to wear the braces for several hours a day (4-6 hours) and to wear it overnight. The outcome of the treatment depends on the child to a great degree - the device is effective only if it is used.

Fixed braces are recommended for treating both children and adults. The braces are attached to the dental arch using special clams and glue. Correction of its setting is executed every couple of weeks. The braces work 24 hours, which enables its more efficient use. In the course of the treatment the teeth and the braces must be cleaned thoroughly after every meal and before bedtime. Very hard and sticky foods, which can damage the braces, should be avoided.